"My wife and I want to send a letter praising the work that Tinker Excavating has done here, for the precision work, for minimizing disruption, and the care that was taken to avoid hurting any of our garden plants. It is all especially meaningful, because the first lumber and excavator who came here had no good ideas and plenty of alarming ones. It was up to me to find what has turned out to be a far better way to solve our problem."

"Can't say enough good things about David and his men he has working for him. They came out quickly to do the assessment of my situation and discussed with me all the options. Beyond reasonable rates and they were able to replace my leaking water line in one day. They were efficient, and above all, the customer service could not be beat. Highly recommend!"

Kim - Bethel, CT
Lee - Groton, CT

"Dave, Your crews are dynamite. Courteous, dedicated, and enjoyable to work with, on my watch at least! Thanks for the "can do" attitude and the immediate attention to my building. You and your crew turned a miserable little event into an exposé on how to get things done."

Matt - Bethel, CT

"I recently had an old service line break which caused water to stream into my new home. David Tinker Excavating was called in by my water company and they did an amazing job. They were extremely pleasant during the entire job, even when it began to rain and the temperature dropped. After having to dig in several places to find the problem, they put my yard back to exactly how it was. I can't say enough how pleased I am with the work that was done. In this day and age it's hard to find pleasant customer service and these fine gentlemen couldn't have been nicer. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need. Thank you again!"

Jessie - CT

"Hard-working and reliable I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs excavating services"

Brian - Danbury, CT

"Gotta tell you what a great bunch of employees you have up here in New Fairfield redoing our water lines for Aquarion... The whole crew are polite, clean and did a great job. I'm thankful Aquarion hired you guys for this project!!!!"

Joe - New Fairfield, CT

"As I mentioned in email your crew were very efficient and courteous in rectifying our problem. The resolution of the leak is a great relief in that I don't have to worry about leakage spilling onto the road and freezing in the winter months and further undermining my driveway. I met with one of your guys last week at your facility and he was also very courteous and helpful. David Tinker could get an award from a Human Resources organization for "How to hire the best people" - that obviously includes you. Thank you."

Jon - Brookfield, CT

"We recently had to have another water company to supply water to our home. Dave Tinker did the excavating. They were very organized and the crew were always courteous and effecient. Would highly recommend this company."

"Thank you so!!! I can't believe you got it all done in one day!  Beyond grateful!!"

Samantha - Brookfield, CT
Diana - New Milford, CT

"Thank you again for the service. Very good job done over at my house."

Aparecida - Danbury, CT

"Thanks again for all of your help with my project. I really appreciate it!"

Katy - New Milford, CT

"We are THRILLED to have water and a normal water pressure in our home. This is an amazing experience for us!


Please thank Dave and team .... I truly appreciated it.


Lawn looks good."

Jamie - Brookfield, CT

"They did a fantastic job!  We certainly appreciate how quickly you were able to get us connected! Thanks"

Chris - Ridgefield, CT
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