Some services that we provide in Greater Danbury and the surrounding areas:
Water Line Repairs And Installations


A broken water line can be a serious event if not repaired properly and soon. You stand to have more damage occur to your foundation the more water seeps from the water line into the ground. Additionally, you stand to lose a lot of water which can increase your utility bill.

What can make water line repair difficult is that without the proper equipment, it can be difficult to locate the source of the water line break or leak. It could be at a joint or in the pipe itself. The cause of the break and leak is also not always easy to determine as it could have been punctured by tree roots or cracked due to freezing ground temperatures or simply the water line system is old and has worn out.

David Tinker Excavating Sewer and Water Repair provides:
• 24-hour emergency water repair
• Spot repair of a water line
• Full replacement of a water line
• Trenchless water line replacement (trenchless pipe replacement)
• Water line leak inspection
• Water line leak repair
• Residential service lines
• Commercial service lines

If you notice your yard bubbling up, or the utility company turns your service off due to a leak, you need to make some quick decisions. Water is a costly resource that none of us want to waste in our homes and yards. And, we don’t want to have to pay for all that waste in our utility bills.

A water line repair or replacement can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. We can provide open trench replacement, or, if you have extensive landscaping or large trees, we can provide a trenchless method of replacement where a line is pulled underground and connected. This helps to avoid any damage to tree roots, or to your beautiful landscaping.


If you’re looking at a new water line installation, let us come out to your property, residential or commercial, to assess your project and submit a competitive bid. We use only the highest grade industry standard parts and our work is warrantied.

Get a free estimate for water line repair or replacement. If you see that water bubbling out of the ground, give us a call. We will come to your home to investigate your problem, and we will provide you a solution. We will give you the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your home. Our estimates are thorough, complete and we provide them to you in a timely manner.

Sewer And Septic Systems

We don’t often think of our sewer lines until one of the drains in our home backs up. This could be a shower drain or a floor drain. When this happens, we can provide you some answers.

Getting a video inspection of your sewer line helps to find out what has gone wrong. A backup in your sewer line can be caused by a number of issues. Here are some of the issues we see:

Root Infiltration: You may have large trees or groups of Gambel Oaks in your yard. The roots go in search of water underground. These roots find vulnerable spots in your sewer line, and create larger cracks and holes with time.

Blockage: This can be anything placed down a drain that does not dissolve, or large enough to lodge in the pipe.

When the ground around our homes shifts, we often see pipes that are misaligned at an old joint, or pipes that collapse all together. And, of course, older pipes made from clay, or Orangeburg Pipe, simply deteriorate over time.

For those of you who do have Orangeburg, this is a pipe made from wood fibre lined in tar. It was installed in the 1950s and 1960s. It is good to have your line checked, as this product is known to have a limited structural life expectancy.



If you have a project where you need to install a new sewer line installation, whether it’s commercial or residential, we can help. We’ll discuss the installation plan and provide you a competitive bid.

We can handle your sewer line repairs, replacements, and new installations.

Get a free estimate for sewer line repair, replacement or installation
After a video inspection, we can tell you exactly what has caused the drains in your home to backup. Whether you need sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, or sewer line installation, we will provide you with a thorough, complete and timely estimate. The estimate will include the sewer line repair cost, project time, and project plan details so that you can make an informed decision. Give us a call now!

Trenchless Digging

Our fleet of dump trucks can supply and deliver any material you made need.

We process and supply our own:

• Screened fill

• Screened topsoil

• Common fill

• Trap rock

• Gravel and processed gravel

• Septic sand

• Wall stones

• Boulders

Our trucks are also available for hire.  All of our trucks are registered and insured.

Trenchless Digging or 'No Dig' involves the installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with minimal excavation and surface disruption. Trenchless Digging is generally used in an urbanized area with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as well as numerous underground utilities.  Trenchless Digging is an attractive option because it is more cost-effective than traditional excavation.  We are one of the few companies in this area that specialize in Trenchless Digging.

Excavating And Site Work

We do a variety of excavating and site work.

New Construction/Additions for residential and commercial:

• Clearing property for usable acreage (trees, boulders, rock ect.)
• Dig foundations
• Trenches for underground utilities
• Grading and spreading fill for yard leveling
• Supply and spread screened organic top soil

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